Measuring Health Impact


PS/Kenya’s Research and Metrics department works closely with government agencies and partners to ensure that the research it undertakes is relevant and appropriate.

The department is represented in the M&E technical working group of the Division of Malaria Control (DOMC). Within this working group PS/Kenya was able to contribute to the Kenya Malaria Indicator Survey of 2010 including some specific questions on behavioral determinants in the study as well as actively play a role in the report writing process for the second time since the first survey in 2007.

PS/Kenya is currently working with DOMC and other partners to develop a protocol to evaluate the mass net distribution campaign which started in March that will result in over 6 million nets being distributed to those who need them most.

The department is also working to build stronger ties with M&E and Research counterparts at the National AIDS Control Program (NASCOP) and the National AIDS Coordinating Committee (NACC), the Division of Reproductive Health (DRH) and the Division of Child Health (DCH).

The departments holds at least one research dissemination workshop a year to keep stakeholders and other partners updated on new findings and their applications.

Measuring Health Impact

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