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Healthy Heart Africa


What is the HHA program?

AstraZeneca’s Healthy Heart Africa (HHA) is an innovative and sustainable programme that aims to improve the lives of hypertensive patients across Africa. The programme was launched in Nairobi on 28th October 2014.

What health issue is it addressing?

Hypertension is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease and the single most important risk factor for heart attack, heart failure, stroke or other complications. The WHO estimates that Africa is home to the highest prevalence of adults living with high blood pressure, and it already represents an enormous burden on African healthcare systems – consistent with the broader burden caused by Non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

What is the current problem in Kenya

Healthy Heart Africa will begin in Kenya because the Kenyan population embodies the key challenges to addressing the burden of hypertension in the African continent. The WHO’s Global brief on hypertension, published on World Health Day 2013, describes hypertension as a silent killer and a global public health crisis.

  • In Africa, 25% of deaths under 60 are attributable to hypertension according to WHO.
  • An estimated 46% of adults aged 25 years and older in the WHO African Region have hypertension.
  • In Kenya alone, 44.5% of adults have raised blood pressure, which is one of the highest prevalence rates across Africa.

In line with the WHO’s ’25 by 2025’ global monitoring framework for preventing and controlling NCDs, the ultimate aspiration of HHA is to reach 10 million hypertensive patients across Sub-Saharan Africa by 2025. If achieved, this would address a full quarter of Africa’s WHO (25 by 2025) hypertensions target.

How does PS Kenya come in?

Population Services Kenya will work with Healthy Heart Africa program to integrate hypertension services into existing Tunza healthcare facilities and community health worker networks. The primary target populations and geographic areas for this project include low-income, at-risk adults over 35 years in urban and peri-urban areas in the counties of Kajiado, Murang’a, Nyeri, and Nairobi in Kenya. This will be built on three key pillars:

  • Education and Awareness
  • Provider Training and Treatment Guidelines 
  • Access, Affordability and Availability

Purpose of the Project
To implement a replicable and scalable facility and community chronic care model (FC3) aimed at reducing the burden of hypertension in urban informal settlements and rural settings in Kenya.

Project objectives

Objective 1: Increasing awareness and education of risk factors associated with hypertension, and create informed demand for healthy behaviours, blood pressure measurement, diagnosis and treatment among adults >35 years old;

  1. Implementing a targeted communications campaign
  2. Training of CHWs

Objective 2: Improving training and treatment guidelines promoting hypertension screening, diagnosis, and care;

  1. Revising and adapting training and treatment guidelines
  2. Explore opportunities to ensure a seamless continuum of care across multiple providers

Objective 3: Improving access to quality hypertension screening and treatment services and affordable hypertension medications in the private sector

  1. Providing training, supportive supervision and equipment to clinical providers to offer hypertension screening, diagnostic and treatment services
  2. Medical detailing for clinic providers and pharmacies.

Key Project Partners include

  1. Ministry of Health
  2. Nairobi County Government
  3. Amref Health Africa
  6. CHAK
  7. Community

Project Model / Strategy

Project Model

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