Social Marketing Of HIV Prevention Products

In Kenya, access to key HIV prevention tools is often limited because of cost and distance. PS Kenya works closely with ministries of health and other partners to expand access by distributing HIV prevention products, like male condoms, in traditional (clinics, pharmacies) and non-traditional (bars, hotels, brothels) sales outlets. Products are offered at a variety of price points to reach individuals at all income levels – including free distribution for those unable to pay. In 1993, PS Kenya launched Trust condoms, the first socially marketed condom in Kenya aimed at increasing availability and accessibility targeting high-risk and sexually active groups. Since 1993, PSI’s condom social marketing program, have made available more than 400,000,000 condoms. We also help the government in distributing free condoms across the country.

In 2014, PS Kenya launched a range of Trust Condom variants. They are Trust Classic, Trust Studded, Trust Ribbed and Trust Scented.

PS Kenya has also distributed a Basic Care Package program targeting people living with HIV to reduce their morbidity and mortality to opportunistic infections. The BCP consists of two LLIN’s, 60 condoms, WaterGuard, safe water storage vessel, water filter cloth and IEC materials.

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