Integrating Care

To have maximum impact, HIV prevention must be fully integrated with all health services. To this end, PS Kenya has integrated basic screening for tuberculosis (TB) into its HTC programs. With funding from TB Reach, PS Kenya in collaboration with KMET are implementing a 1 year pilot TB program in Nyanza through Tunza and Huduma Poa franchises. The objective is to increase case finding and comprehensive management in the private sector. Main activities entail demand creation and screening at the community level complemented by strengthening the facilities to be able to offer the requisite clinical components in line with National TB Program guidelines on TB care.

HCT and care is also integrated into PS Kenya’s family planning social franchise clinic services and communication campaigns. This includes programs to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV and counseling on the benefits of dual protection – a condom to protect against HIV and another modern contraceptive to prevent unintended pregnancy. Youth-focused programs aim to address a comprehensive range of reproductive health needs, offering non-judgmental counseling, services, and referrals for contraception as well as for HIV and STIs.

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