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Location: 2nd Floor, Wing B, Jumuia Place, Lenana Road P.O. Box 22591-00400, Nairobi
GSM: 0722 203-199, 0733 363-630
Telephone: + 254-020-2714346 / 2714354 / 2714355
Telephone: + 254-020-2446670/1
Fax: + 254-020-2714342

How TM’s Work

The Tunza Mobilizer has two main roles:

1. Community Mobilization: here the TM is given the task of covering the community within a 10km radius?of a Tunza Clinic. The TM will hold interpesonal communication (IPC) sessions in the form of either Small Group Sessions or one-on-one sessions with the community members. The sessions are held in individual homes, churches, market centres and local public hospitals.

2. Issuance of Vouchers: Vouchers enable poor women to access services at a Tunza clinic at a subsidized price. The voucher is retained at the clinic after the woman has been given service. The clinic is re-imbursed per?the services given, indicated on the vouchers.

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