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Location: 2nd Floor, Wing B, Jumuia Place, Lenana Road P.O. Box 22591-00400, Nairobi
GSM: 0722 203-199, 0733 363-630
Telephone: + 254-020-2714346 / 2714354 / 2714355
Telephone: + 254-020-2446670/1
Fax: + 254-020-2714342

The Intervention

The Medical detailers are working with a set of pharmacies (about 300 each) with the mandate to carry out behavior change intervention to providers, with an overall objective of minimizing the barriers posed towards the uptake of services and / or products.?This is achieved by a series of activities:-?

  • Individual pharmacy visits (calls) – daily visits to the pharmacies to carry out detailing sessions on behaviour change. ?
  • Group meetings – targets busy outlets where round-table meetings are held to accommodate their busy schedules.
  • Continuous Medical Education – here we work with the professional bodies for the Pharmacists and the Pharmaceutical Technologist, where through meeting the need for counseling FP clients is discussed.?The IEC material being used includes detail aids for the team, material for the provider to engage an FP client, and client information leaflets.
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