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Location: 2nd Floor, Wing B, Jumuia Place, Lenana Road P.O. Box 22591-00400, Nairobi
GSM: 0722 203-199, 0733 363-630
Telephone: + 254-020-2714346 / 2714354 / 2714355
Telephone: + 254-020-2446670/1
Fax: + 254-020-2714342

The Intervention

Tunza is a network of private healthcare providers serving low-income populations in Kenya, operating under?the PS Kenya Social Franchising business model.

PS Kenya has used this model to increase the availability of quality health care by improving existing health facilities, a far more cost-effective approach than building and setting?up new facilities.

Tunza providers are medical pratitioners-typically nurses and clinical officers - who have already set up a private practise, are licenced to operate a clinic and have signed an agreement to join the network. By agreeing to serve as a Tunza franchisee, a provider commits to adhere to the standards and procedures of the netowrk, but also enjoys access to training and continuing medical education as well as the number of other benefits.

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