The Objectives Of Tunza

The Tunza Family Health Network was set up with the key objective of supporting the development of a strong private healthcare sector in Kenya. Jointly funded by USAID, UKAID and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the network contributes to a private sector that is coordinated, operating with harmonized service delivery quality standards, cost effectiveness, and quality monitoring and evaluation system.

The Tunza network acts as a seamless component of the overall healthcare system, playing a truly complementary role in the delivery of quality healthcare in Kenya. Its goal is to complement the government of Kenya’s efforts in achieving health impact for Kenyans in line with the country’s disease burden and health priorities.

Other Tunza objectives include;

  • To engage the private health sector to increase access to quality health services to low income populations within a model that makes services affordable to patients but still cost effective to the provider.
  • To increase the knowledge and skills, attitude and performance of service providers in the provision of quality health care services.
  • To create linkages not only within franchised providers but also with other strategic and like-minded partners for the benefit of the franchise.
  • To continuously and strategically grow the franchise both in scale and scope to enable more low income Kenyans access to quality health care.
  • To facilitate engagement, dialogue and advocacy with the GOK on behalf of private health providers through a consortium of social franchise networks in Kenya.
  • To utilize a robust M&E system as well as  customer and provider insights to guide evidence informed decisions and demonstrate to the GOK, donors and all stakeholders that private sector plays a pivotal role in increasing access of care to low income populations.


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