How Does The Franchise Work?

Tunza is a Swahili word that means ‘to nurture’. The Tunza brand promise to its customers is friendly, quick, affordable and quality health services offered by qualified providers.

A double pronged approach is taken in managing Tunza. On the supply side, providers are equipped with skills through training, subsidized commodities and continuous support supervision to provide quality services.

Priority is placed on maintaining quality and compliance with core principles—technical competence, client safety, informed choice, privacy and confidentiality’ continuity of care, and quality and consistency of data.PS Kenya also carries out business training and support to equip Tunza providers with the necessary skills and tools to enable them manage their facilities profitably and hence a better return on their investment.

On the demand side, the Tunza network has a dedicated Behavior Change Communications (BCC) team of 300 community mobilizers referred to as Tunza Mobilizers (TMs). Their mandate is to create a robust and informed demand for the franchise by mainly targeting women of reproductive age individually or through small group sessions to educate them on PS Kenya’s supported health areas and referrals to franchised clinics. The Tunza Mobilizers are recruited, trained and supervised by PS Kenya Partnerships and Outreach staff.

PS Kenya also carries out facility branding to increase brand visibility and extensive mass media communication to create awareness of the franchise and drive traffic to Tunza health facilities.

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