Our Achievements

Building and improving provider skills: Tunza network providers have been equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to provide a range of health services at a high level of quality. Since launch, service providers have received training in family planning, Cervical Cancer Screening and Preventative Treatment (CCS&PT), HIV Testing and Counseling (HTC),comprehensive HIV Care and Treatment (including eMTCT), Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses (IMCI), Voluntary Male Medical Circumcision (VMMC), Safe Motherhood and Tuberculosis which are among the major contributors to the disease burden in Kenya.

Expanded access to quality health services: Tunza has increased access to quality assured integrated health services by low income members of the community. To date, the Tunza network had managed to reach a total of 1,160,657 clients with a family planning method of choice, 98,889 women have been screened for cervical cancer while 347,884 clients have received HIV counseling and testing services from Tunza.  In addition, over 374,224 women who would have otherwise been unserved have been able to access family services through the voucher subsidy program.

Demand-creation and awareness-raising for Tunza services: The Tunza franchise has a demand creation component which utilizes community-based mobilizers who work in their community raising awareness on the various health issues and referring potential clients to Tunza facilities. Through small group behavior change communication (BCC) sessions as well as door to door visits, Tunza mobilizers have reached a total of 2,583,469 people with messages on family planning, HTC, cervical cancer and IMCI.

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