Phase 2: The Tunza Mobilizers

A review of the project performance in June 2009 revealed that the pace of growth was slow, as the demand creation team could not cover the vast regions effectively. This resulted in recruitment of two community mobilizers (Tunza Mobilizers) attached to each clinic.

The Tunza Mobilizers; mostly community health workers, were recruited, trained and equipped with IPC tools (bag, flipchart, product samples and referral coupons). After training, they were tasked to conduct IPC sessions within a 15km radius of the clinic in small groups and one-on-one; and then refer clients to the Tunza clinics for services, using referral coupons.

Several lessons were learned out of this period.  While having the mobilizers find and set up the groups and conduct IPC sessions, PSI’s teams still had to attend them all, which limited the amount of demand creation that could be done.

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