Phase 3: Referral Through The Voucher

With the change of program donors, the demand creation model changed. One donor (USAID) clarified that, due to legal requirements, the payment model of Tunza Mobilizers needed to change.

Additionally, DFID started a family planning subsidy program through Tunza in the form of a voucher system which qualified any client who comes into Tunza with a voucher for long-term methods of contraception. Later, the short term methods were also included in the scheme.

In the new model, TM’s were required to  conduct  IPC sessions in the community in form of small group and one on one sessions,  at the  market centers and homesteads. Any client in need of a service but cannot afford is issued with a voucher which is redeemed at the nearby Tunza clinic.

In the 2013/2014 period, the focus changed to reaching more women at the household level, informed by the insight that women need safe spaces to discuss in detail their deep seated barriers to uptake of LARCs. This has seen a tremendous increase in uptake of LARCs.

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