Impact Of Demand Creation

1. Increased uptake of family planning services uptake in the Tunza clinics

Program data 2009 – 2013 indicates that there has been a steady increase in uptake of family planning methods. While family planning has increased generally in Tunza, there is a notable shift in method mix towards long term methods of family planning from 12% in 2010 - 26% in 2013.

Of all the long term methods offered in Tunza (2013), referrals contributed 70%, which is indicative that demand creation does drive uptake of long term family planning methods.

2. Increased of clients volumes in Tunza clinics;

A preliminary report of a TRaC survey in 2013 revealed that client volumes in Tunza clinics have increased. This has been attributed to a combination of factors; improved quality of services, improved access to products and the marketing of the Tunza clinics within their communities through IPC.

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