Condom Social Marketing

Situation Analysis

When used correctly and consistently, the effectiveness of condoms in preventing HIV infection is between 80-95%. Condoms are the only available contraceptive method that provides dual protection – preventing both sexually-transmitted infections such as HIV and unintended pregnancies.

Though condom use has been increasing over time, it still is not optimal. Condom use differs greatly with different kinds of partners – it tends to be higher in casual relationships than in regular relationships, and is very low among married couples.

There is a gap between the 190 million condoms distributed annually and the 360 million required for universal need. Ideally this gap that should be filled by the private sector; however the condom market does not attract enough commercial players.

This is because there is reluctance in society to openly discuss condoms which may affect their general level of use. Individually, condom use is driven by one’s risk perception, their ability to use a condom, and their ability to convince a partner to use condoms.
Condom Social Marketing


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