Sexual & Gender Based Violence


The Women’s Justice and Empowerment Initiative (WJEI) is a President George W. Bush initiative launched in 2005. The program aims to prevent gender based violence, through three main interventions namely:

  • Awareness creation and prevention
  • Improving law enforcement against Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Victim Support and Services

In order to inform the Women’s Justice and Empowerment Initiative (WJEI) programme, a review of the current situation of Gender Based violence (GBV) in Kenya and specifically Kibera, was carried out in December 2008 and January 2009. The findings of the situation analysis were used to identify gaps in current interventions and possible activities that the Women’s Justice and Empowerment Initiative (WJEI) programme could implement in each of the component areas.

The AIDS, Population and Health Integrated Assistance Nairobi (APHIA II Nairobi) project received funds from the (Women’s Justice and Empowerment Initiative) WJEI to create awareness and prevention of GBV in Kibera as well as provide victim support and services.

APHIA II Nairobi approached PS/Kenya, APHIA II Nairobi consortium partner, to address the awareness-raising and prevention component of the project.

Sexual & Gender Based Violence


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