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Location: 2nd Floor, Wing B, Jumuia Place, Lenana Road P.O. Box 22591-00400, Nairobi
GSM: 0722 203-199, 0733 363-630
Telephone: + 254-020-2714346 / 2714354 / 2714355
Telephone: + 254-020-2446670/1
Fax: + 254-020-2714342


Objectives of the Programme

The objective of the Kenya National Fortification Programme is to reduce the prevalence of iron, folic acid, zinc and Vitamin A deficiencies among the general population by making fortified foods available on the market.

Specifically, by the end of the National Fortification Programme; it is hoped that the relative prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia and vitamin A deficiency in children under 5 and women of reproductive age would have been reduced by one third. Using current available deficiency estimates, the reductions would be:

Children under five years:
  • Reduction of 33% in Iron deficiency anaemia (from 74% to 49%).
  • Vitamin A deficiency (From 84% to 54%).

Women of reproductive age

  • Reduction of 33% in iron deficiency anaemia (from 55% to 37%).
  • Vitamin A deficiency from (33% to 22%).

Why Fortification?

  • Fortification delivers nutrients to large segments of the population without requiring radical changes in food consumption patterns.
  • Fortification can deliver a significant proportion of the recommended dietary allowances for a number of micronutrients on a continuous basis, and does not call for individual compliance.
  • Fortification could often be merged into the existing food production and distribution system, and therefore, can be sustained over a long period of time.










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