Sales Distribution

Product Flow

PS/Kenya mainly uses Crown Agents, PSI Washington office and internal Supply Chain Department to facilitate procurement of the health products. The products are procured using international procurement and quality standards from various manufacturers internationally and locally depending on availability, quality and cost of the product. PS/Kenya has one central warehouse located in Nairobi where all goods from the manufactures are received. The central warehouse and three regional warehouses located in Nyanza, Western and Coast, store and distribute products to distributors and other outlets such as clinics. The products are then moved from the distributors to wholesalers and finally to the retail level where consumers can access them.

Private Sector

PS/Kenya partners with the commercial sector in the distribution of health products in order to make them accessible to consumers throughout the country. Commercial partners comprise of distributors, wholesalers, retail outlets, bars and lodges, Tunza clinics and community based organisations (CBOs) that sell health products for income generation. Through this sector, PS/Kenya is distributing Trust Condoms and Trust Studded condoms under the HIV Programme; Femiplan condoms, Femiplan pills, Femiplan Injectables, Intra-Uterine Contraceptive Devices (IUCDs) and hormonal implants under the Reproductive Health Programme; WaterGuard, PUR and Aquatabs under the Maternal and Child Health Programme; and Supanet treated nets and bundled nets under the Malaria Programme.

Channels of distribution

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Channel

PS/Kenya has national customer base of 30 appointed distributors who buy products directly from the company, over 700 wholesalers who buy products from the appointed distributors and about 30,000 retail outlets. The retail outlets include kiosks, dukas, supermarkets, petrol stations, bars, lodges and wines & spirits. The products that move through this channel include Trust Regular, Trust Studded, Femiplan Condoms, WaterGuard, Aquatabs, Pur and Supanet mosquito nets.

Pharmaceutical Channel

PS/Kenya sells directly to 23 appointed national pharmaceutical distributors who cover the 8 provinces. In addition to the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products, they also distribute Femiplan pills and injections mainly to pharmacies and clinics.

Community Based Organisations (CBOs)

The CBO channel plays a key role in the distribution system in rural areas. Currently, PS/Kenya has 23 direct CBOs who distribute various products mainly to households and other small CBOs in rural areas. The main motivation for the CBOs is to contribute to these goals.


PS/Kenya partners with NGOs and private institutions in the distribution of health products. NGOs mainly buy the products for their programmes while the private institutions buy them for their corporate social responsibility activities.

PS/Kenya has a special partnership with Medipharm International, a private organisation that has a license to distribute the Aquatab brand in Kenya. Medipharm International uses its strong institutional network to distribute PUR alongside the Aquatabs while PS/Kenya uses its strong trade networks to distribute Aquatabs alongside WaterGuard and PUR.

Public Sector

In 2009, PS/Kenya started partnering with the Government of Kenya (GoK) in the distribution of free condoms with an objective to improve accessibility to free GoK condoms among the poor and rural populations. PS/Kenya is distributing the condoms through 278 CBOs and 186 health facilities, which further distribute them to end users.

In addition to the free condoms, PS/Kenya also assists in the distribution of free nets through public health facilities which offer antenatal and child welfare services that target pregnant women and children under the age of one year who are most at risk of contracting malaria.
About Sales & Distribution

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